Scientific Software
by Matthias Brennwald

Some of my public domain software for processing and analysis of scientific data

(mostly based on Matlab or GNU Octave)



MATPICARRO is a Matlab/GNU Octave toolbox to load, process, and manipulate data produced by Picarro instruments. MATPICARRO provides a convenient and flexible method for processing data obtained from Picarro instruments.

The MATPICARRO tools may be used to write user-defined scripts and functions for elaborate and customised data processing.

I released MATPICARRO under the GNU Public Licence (GPL). You can get MATPICARRO at sourceforge:


MCOMPARTMENTS is a Matlab/GNU Octave toolbox for dynamic box models with any number of species and compartments. Box models are useful to study the dynamics of chemicals within systems that can be described by different compartments (e.g. environmental systems).

I released MCOMPARTMENTS under the GNU Public Licence (GPL). You can get MCOMPARTMENTS at sourceforge:


NOBLEFIT is a flexible Matlab/GNU Octave toolbox for quantitative interpretation of (aqueous) tracers in terms of environmental processes and models (e.g., dissolved noble gases, other atmospheric gases, or just about anything else that deserves quantitative model-based interpretation).

In contrast to similar tools where the possible tracers and models are hard-wired into the code, NOBLEFIT is designed to allow the user to define his own tracers and models.

Download NOBLEFIT at GitHub.


MATCOMBISTEPS is a Matlab/GNU Octave toolbox for processing of IONIC data files. This is mainly useful to users of the IONIC software, such as the ETHZ Noble Gas Laboratory or the Eawag trace gas lab.

Download MATCOMBISTEPS at GitHub.


RUEDIPY is a collection of Python programs to control RUEDI instruments, and collection of GNU Octave (or Matlab) tools to load, process, and manipulate RUEDI data acquired with ruediPy.

Download RUEDIPY at GitHub.